Anna House Website

When Eugene Melnyk learned in 1999 of a proposed child care center at Belmont Park Race track, he didn't hesitate to make a gift of one million dollars to the facility. His philanthropic activities were always focused on children, and Mr. Melnyk said "He was very happy to help create a facility dedicated to providing young children with the kind of care they need to thrive and learn." In view of his very generous donation, he was given the opportunity to name the center and selected Anna House in honor of his then two-year old daughter.

Since then Eugene has donated goods and trips to the annual Benefit and donated a season of Speightstown to the center, whose photo has the place of honor in Anna House's atrium. His generosity has encouraged others to make similar donations and today children at Anna House are thriving and being cared for in a loving, nuturing environment. If you would like to help the families of the backstretch contact the Belmont Child Care Association at 516-488-2103 or visit their website to learn how.